Digital art

I like to think of creating digital images as painting on the computer.  I would never have thought of myself as a potential digital artist, but I discovered almost by accident the pleasure to be had from playing in Photoshop with the images of my drawings and paintings, thereby creating effects otherwise unobtainable, with rich, jewel-like colours and intricate textures.  It takes many hours to manipulate them the way I want, often relying on happy accidents as the process of digital painting is very difficult to control.  I am intrigued by the way that the same drawing or painting can be used to make digital images so very different from one another.  Since I love colour, but also love drawing, it is wonderful to know when I am drawing that the results can later be used in this way. 

Unlike many digital artists in the UK the use I have made of digital art has so far been more traditional, not less, than most of my  other work, but I look forward to  becoming more experimental as I explore new digital ideas.  Indeed, the whole world of digital images is a truly exciting one.